About us

The first question you have upon reading this probably is "What is Estate Cleanups?" 

Our answer is simple: We are a full in-home service company that assists our clients who are mourning deal with the necessary and difficult task of cleaning up the home or estate of a loved one. 

What does that mean, assist? 

Imagine your parent or loved one has either just died unexpectantly or has succumbed to a long fight with illless.  You are feeling overwhelmed with grief and the recent loss as well as trying to manage your current life and family.  What do you do? 

CALL US!!!  We are here for you.  Instead of feeling more overwhelmed, let our professional staff who are well trained in dealing with loss help you.  Our job is simple.  It is to help you and your family.  We make your job, coping with the loss, easier. 


Our team comes to the home of your loved one, the recently deceased, and we clean up the home or estate.  Specifically, our team of trained professionals (a Mental Health Professional as Team Leader, assistants, experts in sales/marketing/photography, and movers/storage support staff) sets up a block of time, usually 3 full days depending on size, to go through the items of your loved one and organize the items into three main categories: Items to sell, items to keep, and items to get rid of.  We basically come in and "clean house" or liquidate the home so that you can move forward with your life without having to go through the painstaking ordeal of going through each individual item of the deceased. 

How does this work?

We discuss your needs, come up with a time estimate, and then have you sign the contract.  Please click on Terms for the specifics of our contract.  All we ask that you do once you sign the contract and pay for the service is, if you opt for this step, is to go through any items you want to keep prior to our team working at the home.  Specifically, if you want to take some cherished items home with you, we will need for you to do that prior to our arrival.  The reasons for this are many: we have liability when moving items so that others will not get injured; it can be difficult to get our job done in a timely fashion with people going through items; and within the business model and contract, we will be selling all items of value (if purchased) left for liquidation and the sale of these items adds to the cash-back value we give to you upon completion of the liquidation.  Again, for full disclosure of the contract and terms click here.  If all items of value are removed, you limit the cash-back you receive.  If have no interest in any of the items, we can take care of the entire clean up and liquidation.  In other words, you opt out of going through the items. 

Do I have to be there? 

NO.  Assuming we can verify your relationship to the deceased and you are the executor, sole aire, or have power of attorney, we do not need for you to be present.  As long as we can gain entry into the home, your presence is not needed if that makes it easier for you.  If you would like to meet us there, that is another option.  It depends on your time and way you cope with loss.  The other option is to have a copy of the keys and security codes sent to us so we can enter the home at the scheduled time and do our job.  If previously arranged, we can also forward the keys and codes to a realtor of your choosing if the home is being listed for sale. 

Some people do not want to be involved in any aspect of the clean up.  That is fine.  Others have certain items they want to keep or remove.  That is fine as long as it is done prior to our team starting the job.  Other's choose to give us requests for specific, sentimental items which we will store or ship to you.  We are very flexible in helping you with this difficult process.  In addition, our team leader will also take into account your needs and if a sentimental item is found, we can contact you to determine if how you want us to process the item (ie. send it to you, or dispose of it).  Again, from our prior contact with you, the team leader (who is your initial contact) will have a sense of what is of "value" to you and be on the look out for such items. 

What other help do you offer?

We can also arrange for the home to be put into a state that is ready to be shown.  In other words, we can assist in "staging" the home either through our staff or your realtor. 

We also have a network of trusted businesses and professionals we work with that we can refer you to so that you can take care of the other elements or aspects of processing the loss of a parent or loved one.  These can include: funeral arrangements, burial plots and cemeteries, legal issues, real estate needs, travel arrangements, counselors or therapy, psychiatrists for medications, and family needs/matters.  This also can include caterers for post-funeral gatherings.